Thousands of motorists are now paying to park on Wyre Forest District Council car parks using the secure JustPark website and phone app.

The number of people signing up to pay online via the council’s online payment provider JustPark continues to grow each month.

The app –- which was introduced just over a year ago -- offers extra benefits, such as real time reminders, countdowns and the option to extend parking at the push of a keypad and has overtaken chip and pin (card) payments which now represent just 5% of all parking payments.

Because the app is a more convenient and secure way of taking payment, Wyre Forest District Council has decided to remove chip and pin readers from pay and display machines later this month.

Motorists will still be able to use cash at the pay and display machines, but those who wish to pay by card will be asked to do so via the app.

New encryption regulations would require all pay and display machines to be replaced at a substantial cost to the council but with demand for chip and pin payments reducing, coupled with the additional security and benefits of JustPark, means this would be unviable.

Cabinet Member for Operational Services Councillor Rebecca Vale said: “Drivers will still be able to pay for parking with credit and debit cards, but using their phones, instead of the pay and display machines.

“With the number of people using machines to pay by card declining it does not make economic sense to spend the thousands of pounds that would be needed to replace them in order to comply with the new regulations.

“I’m sure residents would agree that would not be a good use of public funds.

“We will continue to accept cash in all pay and display machines and we are seeing a growing number of people switching to the JustPark app. It costs exactly the same with the added convenience of not having to have the right change.

“And it also options added extras such as automatic reminders and an option to extend car parking if needed.”

JustPark is an app, website and phone service that is making parking easy for over 1.5 million drivers across the UK.

You can register for JustPark in advance or on-the-spot at the car park, and you’ll be set up in just a matter of minutes.

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