Wyre Forest District Council and Telereal Trillium have now reached agreement that clears the way for the demolition of Crown House in Kidderminster Town Centre.

The agreement will see Telereal Trillium surrender its long term lease on the building and, with the consent of the council as freeholder, demolish the 1970s eight storey concrete building. Crown House has been vacant since 2016 and has become unpopular with local residents, as an unsightly town centre landmark and obstacle to re-development and regeneration opportunities.

Crown House has been occupied by various government departments over time but has not been let since the Post Office and NHS moved out in 2016 and is not considered a viable proposition for refurbishment.

Ian Hardiman, Wyre Forest District Council Cabinet Member for Planning & Economic Regeneration said:“This agreement between the council and Telereal Trillium is a groundbreaking step forward for Kidderminster; the removal of Crown House from the landscape will be a real uplift for the town and will build on the work the council has already undertaken in improving the public realm and the plans to open up Worcester Street to traffic. The two parties will now work together to put the legal agreements in place and once completed that will enable the works to begin. The council can now begin developing its ideas for the future of the site once the building is demolished.”

Marcus Hart, Leader of Wyre Forest District Council, said:“The council has made securing the vibrant future of Kidderminster Town Centre one of its economic priorities and after extensive negotiation with our tenant I’m delighted that we’ve been able to reach an agreement that will continue our efforts with the demolition of Crown House acting as a catalyst for improving the Bullring gateway into the town. All of this has been achieved without cost to the public purse as I’ve always maintained that must come first in reaching any deal.”

Jonny Pitts, a Planning & Disposals Director at Telereal Trillium, said: “We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Wyre Forest District Council that will facilitate the regeneration of this strategic town centre site. Crown House was once an important local centre of employment but the building has clearly served its purpose and it is time of a new start on this site. We will move ahead with demolition as soon as the necessary approvals are in place and will then relinquish our interest in the property.”

Agreement to demolish Crown House has been reached in principle between the council and its tenant Telereal Trillium. The two parties will now work towards completing the necessary legal agreements that need to be in place before any demolition takes place and these may take some time to conclude. A further announcement will be made about timescales for work to begin when the legal agreements have been completed.