A national campaign to ensure people living with motor neurone disease (MND) get the care they need, has won the backing of Wyre Forest District Council.

Members unanimously last night (Wednesday 27 September) voted to back a motion put forward by WFDC’s Cabinet Member for Housing, Health and Well-being Councillor Chris Rogers to adopt the MND Charter which sets out the care and support that people living with MND and their carers deserve and should expect.

MND is a fatal, incurable, rapidly progressing disease that can leave people locked in a failing body, unable to move, talk and eventually breathe.

The MND Charter is made up of 5 points:

1. The right to an early diagnosis and information

2. The right to access quality care and treatments

3. The right to be treated as individuals and with dignity and respect

4. The right to maximise their quality of life

5. Carers of people with MND have the right to be valued, respected, listened to and well-supported.

Councillor Rogers said: “By adopting the MND Charter we agree to promote its principles to all councillors, council staff, partner organisations and health and social care professionals who deliver services for the council.

“We will raise awareness of MND and what good care looks like for those living with this devastating disease, as stated in the Charter, and do everything we can as the council to positively influence the quality of life for local people with MND and their carers living in our community.”

Director of external affairs for the MND Association Chris James said: “The importance of the MND Charter is undeniable. We want everyone to be clear that access to the right care, in the right place, at the right time, as set out in our Charter, can transform lives.”

The MND Association was founded in 1979 by a group of volunteers with experience of living with or caring for someone with MND. It sets out to improve care and support for people with MND, their families and carers, funding and promoting research and raising awareness of the needs of people with MND.

For further information please visit www.mndassociation.org/mndcharter