A rogue waste operator who dumped rubbish he had been paid to dispose of in a quiet Worcestershire village has been fined by Kidderminster Magistrates.

David Russell of High Street, Quarry Bank pleaded guilty to 4 environmental offences on Wednesday 6 June, 2018.

Mr Russell had been tracked down by Wyre Forest District Council officers after they discovered a fly tip in a small lay-by between Belbroughton Road and Broome Lane on 11 September 2017.  It consisted of bricks, a wooden pallet, black bin bags, cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, broken down drawers, a coffee table and various other household items.

Enforcement officers from Wyre Forest District Council turned detective and trawled through the rubbish and were able to successfully trace it back to a Dudley resident who procured Mr Russell’s services.

Prosecuting on behalf of Wyre Forest District Council Nina Dorrell told the court that Mr Russell  was paid £25 by the resident to dispose of the rubbish a  couple of days before the fly tip was discovered. However, Mr Russell did not have a valid permission for commercial waste disposal, a fact that had not been queried by the resident at the time.

Due to the information obtained in the investigation officers were able to trace Mr Russell and bring the case to court. In addition to the fly tipping offence Mr Russell also pleaded guilty to an additional 3 offences of failing to comply with the council’s formal requests issued in the investigation under the Environment Act.  

Magistrates imposed fines amounting to £160 and ordered Mr Russell to pay £30 victim surcharge and £60 compensation in respect of the clean up costs. He was also ordered to pay the Council’s legal costs of £909.88, which were incurred in bringing the prosecution. As a result Mr Russell was ordered to pay a total of £1,159.88.

Wyre Forest District Council is responsible for investigating fly tipping incidents, even those on private land.

Cabinet member for operational services, Councillor Rebecca Vale said: “Fly tipping is a criminal offence. It is thoughtless and totally anti-social and goes against everything we are trying to do to keep our district clean, green and looking good.

“We will always take action to trace those responsible and I’m delighted we were able to solve this case and bring a successful prosecution. We would urge people to check people’s permits before employing them. If residents don’t do this they are also committing an offence and run the risk of being fined.

“Hopefully this case will also make people think twice before employing people to dispose of their waste without first checking they are licensed and operating legally.”

Further information about fly tipping including how to report incidents, and your responsibilities, is available at www.wyreforestdc.gov.uk/flytipping.