Wyre Forest District Council agreed at its meeting on Wednesday 23 May to hold a community governance review of Wolverley and Cookley. The review will give residents of the two villages and neighbouring hamlets such as Caunsall, Drakelow and Kingsford the chance to have their say on whether the present parish should be split into two.

Anyone who is registered to vote and lives in the parish will be able to vote in a Local Advisory Poll, which is taking place on Thursday 12 July.  They will be asked “Should the villages of Wolverley and Cookley each have their own Parish Council?”

The Community Governance Review is taking place after Wolverley and Cookley Parish Council presented a petition to the District Council requesting that the parish be dissolved and two new parishes be created. 

Councillor Marcus Hart, Leader of the District Council, said:

“I welcome the District Council’s decision to hold this review. It is right that the council should respond to the democratic request of local residents as this process has been triggered by a petition from Wolverley and Cookley residents. I would urge local residents to study the terms of reference and respond with their comments. More importantly, I would encourage every local resident to take part in the advisory poll on 12 July to make sure the result reflects the views of local people.”

Councillor Robin Drew, Chairman of Wolverley and Cookley Parish Council, said:

“The Parish Council decided unanimously in March to organise a petition calling for this review, and I am pleased that the District Council has acted so swiftly following the delivery of the petition last month. If the creation of separate parish councils for Wolverley and Cookley is supported by the consultation and the local advisory poll, this will allow the changes to be implemented later this year and for elections to the new councils to be held in May 2019, at the same time as the district council’s elections.”