Almost nine out of ten households in the district have registered someone living there to vote.

Anyone who has not registered only has until Thursday 22 November 2018 to make sure they respond to the 2018 canvass. By law, every resident must register, whether or not they intend to vote in future elections.

So far 41,500 of households (46,500) have responded, but it is important that the other 10.5% respond now.  The council has already sent out two reminder letters and made visits to homes where they have not responded. Another letter is being sent out this week.

It is a legal requirement that every household either confirms or updates the details for their home.  This can be done online, over the telephone or by text message.  It is then up to individuals to make sure they have registered to vote.

Ian Miller, Electoral Registration Officer said:

“We want to help Wyre Forest residents to have their say and make sure they do not miss out on the opportunity to vote in future elections. However, even if you don’t want to vote, you still need to be registered. You are required by law to respond and register every year.

He added:

“Another reason to register is to help maintain your credit rating. Credit Reference Agencies use information from the register of electors to update their records. This means it can be much harder to obtain credit if you are not on the electoral register.”

Anyone who has lost their form or needs help to complete one should contact 01562 732928 or email Additional information is available at