All households in the Wyre Forest district will soon be receiving a form asking residents to check whether their information which appears on the electoral register is correct.  Householders must respond as soon as possible to confirm or change their details.  If the details are correct the easiest way to confirm this is online, by text or by phone.  If the details need changing the form should be updated, signed and returned by post. If a household does not respond by Monday 19 August a reminder form will be sent to them. 

The forms are part of Wyre Forest District Council’s annual voter registration canvass and the law requires residents to respond to the correspondence sent out. The canvass is to make sure that the electoral register is up to date. It also identifies any residents who are not registered, so that they can be encouraged to do so.

Returning the form is an opportunity for residents to make sure that, when the elections take place, they will easily be able to take part.

Ian Miller, Electoral Registration Officer at Wyre Forest District Council said:

“Anyone who wants to vote must be registered. You must respond to the annual canvass form received by your household, and follow the instructions on the form. Please do this immediately otherwise reminder letters will be sent, followed by a personal visit from officers.  This results in additional and unnecessary cost to the tax payer.”

“If you’re not currently registered, we’ll send you information explaining how to do this or you can simply go online to apply to register at . If you do not register, it will not only affect your right to vote, it may also affect your ability to open a bank account, or to obtain credit, a loan or a mortgage as the full register is checked by authorised credit agencies.”

It is also important that anyone who has moved address recently returns the form with the updated details.

Additional information is available on