Local Plan Pre-Submission Publication Consultation

Next steps 

After the Local Plan Pre-Submission Publication consultation period ends, we will consider all of the consultation responses received during the two consultation periods and may, as a result, update the submission version of the Local Plan. The submission version will be approved by a meeting of the full Council which is expected to happen in February 2020. We will then submit the submission version of the Local Plan for examination by an independent Government appointed Planning Inspector. All consultation responses received for the Local Plan Pre-Submission Publication document and the updated evidence base studies will be passed to the Planning Inspector. (This will also include the consultation responses received by the Council during the Pre-Submission consultation held in Autumn/Winter 2018).

We anticipate that an examination in public will be held on the plan in Spring 2020 with adoption of the Local Plan taking place in late 2020.

The timetable after submission is beyond our control and will be in the hands of the Government appointed Planning Inspector.


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